Open Letter #1: 30 years of Love!!

The first feel of love a child gets is the love from their parents; from home. Im really lucky to be a witness to love. I was a shy child; an extremely shy child. But, I was always loved. Fully. This love not only nourished me, but it also poured into others. The way you two welcome so many people into our home has been one of the most valuable lessons in my life that is a true testament of LOVE. To love people where they're at and not where you want them to be. That things may not always be easy or convenient; but LOVE always endures. This love has poured into so many lives, but it started with you two. 


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Random Write #1: 7.20

I am a woman.

A black woman born under the cancer sun. I love hard. I don’t quit on people, even if I feel they have quit on me. I am unapologetic about my sexuality;

refusing to let a man or society influence my desires, yet undoubtedly knowing that I am deserving of true love.

My body is a gift, but my mind is a hell of a place. I am private. I am deep..... (continue reading)

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DIGITAL DIET: My Start of a 40 Day Diet from all Social Networks and Limiting Internet Use

This summer has been a rough one! I've had a hard time balancing many aspects of my life that all got overwhelming. In efforts to get back in-tune with what really matters, what is REAL; I started my "Digital Diet" yesterday. Cutting out ALL social networks ( Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and FaceBook) and limiting my daily amount of time using the Internet.

There are so many things in this modern day world that make our own voices sound unfamiliar to us. It has become a habit to go to Twitter or IG as soon as I pick up my phone; sometimes forgetting what I initially picked it up for. People don't realize how these habits condition us to be unaware of the current moment; how less engaging we become in our own lives. We're so busy capturing moments; we forget to live them. 

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Liv for the Little Things- a list of some of the little things that don’t seem to matter but somehow rock my world

1. When pandora fits your current mood!!!! How you knew playing Pastor Troy on my Solange station was ok tho!????

2. Inside jokes

3. Waking up to a morning blue sky/ looking up at a full moon

4. #BLACKWOMENMATTER (big deal! but this hashtag makes me so happy and will live forever)

5. Perfecting my very curly lashes

6. Being able to do everything and nothing with someone

7. Food; good quality food

8. Stairway to Heaven x O’Jays… my favorite love song ever

9. Getting so lost in a book/writing that I lose track of time

10. Deeply felt eye contact

11. Running around barefoot

12. Finding new low-key artsy spots

13. Knowing this list could go on forever because its the little things that add up to true happiness; appreciating it all



How Yoga Continually Heals ME.

Life is such a cycle. Go through shit; GROW. Pretty much the core of a human evolving into a being. The conflict arises at the barrier of going through a struggle and having that breakthrough moment within yourself that says you're not only going to make it through this; you're going to be better than you were before. We have to make the CHOICE to put emphasis on this part of the process or we end up GOING THROUGH situations and not GROWING through; leaving room for unhealed emotions to creep back later. It get's very difficult to keep this at the forefront when life hits you unexpectedly and hard. It takes discipline, focus, and a humbled will to want to be better on a spiritual level. 

YOGA gives me this clarity.... (continue reading)