This summer has been a rough one! I've had a hard time balancing many aspects of my life that all got overwhelming. In efforts to get back in-tune with what really matters, what is REAL; I started my "Digital Diet" yesterday. Cutting out ALL social networks ( Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and FaceBook) and limiting my daily amount of time using the Internet. Also, unsubscribing to all those clothing sites, etc. that send me junk e-mail on a daily.  

I have to utilize the internet to some extent for informative purposes, important E-mails, and blogging ( a great outlet that allows me to express MY thoughts), but being very conscious about using the internet to only gain knowledge (I LOVE TEDtalks!!) and inspire my own thoughts and feelings. There are so many things in this modern day world that make our own voices sound unfamiliar to us. It has become a habit to go to Twitter or IG as soon as I pick up my phone; sometimes forgetting what I initially picked it up for. People don't realize how these habits condition us to be unaware of the current moment; how less engaging we become in our own lives. We're so busy capturing moments; we forget to live them. 

I've never really been one to obsess over this type of stuff ( still barely know how use this iPhone) and am typically the one annoyed by others failing to be fully present at happy hours or in conversations because they are in their phones. I've noticed the past few months with everything going on, I have unintentionally picked up these habits. Self-reflecting that maybe I used this to not be fully present and to escape from whatever was going on. It's time to mute all of these things and use all my recent experiences as tools of GROWTH. Waking back up to all the things that make me, me. Making choices and decisions that resonate with MY purpose; not influenced by anything else. Many of us don't even realize how much media effects us. Im not much of a TV-watcher, so going to keep that up (only films, documentaries, a few series; the news is corrupt!)

So what will I do???? 

Reading more books, writing more, focusing on my diet (less processed and microwaved foods), upping my yoga practice, picking up new hobbies (gardening maybe?), and just liv'n. There is so much to be lived. 

I had been pondering doing this for about a week; reminiscing on how I used to go weeks without any of this stuff. I thought it was a little silly that I had to fast from this stuff when I could just cut back. Then I thought how effective going cold- turkey has been in my life. Lent trials, other random fasts, and things I noticed had positive results when I did it for about a month. 40 days has sentimental meaning to me and when I looked at the calendar so did the date I would finish on. So that's it. I did it. Im doing it.  Join me!

Checkout the TEDtalk that I ran across that served as affirmation for me. She's awesome! Here's her site: