I am a woman.

A black woman born under the cancer sun. I love hard. I don’t quit on people, even if I feel they have quit on me. I am unapologetic about my sexuality;

refusing to let a man or society influence my desires, yet undoubtedly knowing that I am deserving of true love.

My body is a gift, but my mind is a hell of a place. I am private. I am deep.

I am emotionally flawed, yet, my emotions run fluid into others nourishing them to their depths. I strive to be free & to liberate others.

Laughing is fundamental; so is art. I am peaceful, but passionate. Shy, but brave. Spontaneous, yet tenacious. In-tune, but out.

I adore the simple things, but I am a complex individual. Soulful music has my heart, but reckless songs excites me.

A walking contradiction, running on faith. Flying with passion; grounded by humility.

Old soul; young spirit. Focused on understanding than to be understood, loving every ounce of melanin in my skin.

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