1. When pandora fits your current mood!!!! How you knew playing Pastor Troy on my Solange station was ok tho!????

2. Inside jokes

3. Waking up to a morning blue sky/ looking up at a full moon

4. #BLACKWOMENMATTER (big deal! but this hashtag makes me so happy and will live forever)

5. Perfecting my very curly lashes

6. Being able to do everything and nothing with someone

7. Food; good quality food

8. Stairway to Heaven x O’Jays… my favorite love song ever

9. Getting so lost in a book/writing that I lose track of time

10. Deeply felt eye contact

11. Running around barefoot

12. Finding new low-key artsy spots

13. Knowing this list could go on forever because its the little things that add up to true happiness; appreciating it all