The first feel of love a child gets is the love from their parents; from home. Im really lucky to be a witness to love. I was a shy child; an extremely shy child. But, I was always loved. Fully. This love not only nourished me, but it also poured into others. The way you two welcome so many people into our home has been one of the most valuable lessons in my life that is a true testament of LOVE. To love people where they're at and not where you want them to be. That things may not always be easy or convenient; but LOVE always endures. This love has poured into so many lives, but it started with you two. 


You are a man of actions. Your work ethic and will to provide personifies a Man. You always take care of your girls; always. I don't know how you deal with my little rants about health or my proneness to spill something on perfectly white carpet, and all other freak accidents, but I know you'll always be there; always. Bike rides, ice cream runs, and your weekend breakfasts; all just acts out of love. The same love I watch you give to Mom; to others. You do so much without expecting anything in return. This is LOVE. (Yes; you get credit for being mean on the grill!) Love you daddy; always your Libby.


Thanks for all your sayings that hunt my mind about being a lady. I find myself telling my friends these same sayings (darn I admitted it)! When I find myself in uncomfortable situations that may compromise my worth, I always hear you speaking to me. Im so glad to have this voice in my head. All your cards and baskets you send me in the mail, the little letters you left in my lunch box, the cookie angel, and those embarrassing child hood stories you tell people sometimes, are all reminders that I am sincerely loved for exactly who I am. Part of growing into a woman is sincerely loving yourself. You have instilled this in me; not only for my own journey, but to be the brightest light I can be to aide others.  Love you Mom. 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Thirty- years!!!!! Im blessed to have a first hand example of what lasting love is; so rare these days. Forever grateful.