My WildHeart Experience...Miguel is Life!

PhotoCred:   @mr_clandestine   

PhotoCred: @mr_clandestine  

If Rock'n'Soul were a genre, Miguel would personify it. Attended the Atlanta show of his "WildHeart" Tour, and was completely unplugged the minute he hit the stage. Inspiring, authentic, free, and filthy ;) LOOOVVEEDDDD IT!!!!!!! 

He is truly an artist. His lyrics are blunt but thoughtful; painting pictures in the mind. His voice is perfectly flawed, overflowing with passion; the instrument of soul; his band with a heavy rock. Not to mention hit....after hit....after hit. Sure Thing. Adorn. Girls Like You. Quickie (Lead by Tupac's "I Get Around");Yes Lawd! Many dope songs off his latest. "Flesh", "Coffee", and "A Beautiful Exit" are my favs! 

He is also very socially conscious; expressing his own life of living in lower-income areas and being half black/half latino. Very evident in songs like "Candles in the Sun" and "What's Normal Anyway".

Artistically conscious as well. Fashion choices were bold and wild! 

A rebel with a cause; advocating through out the show how everyone has a journey and how it should be traveled on one's own terms, even if that results in being outcasted. "Find what's normal for you, and understand that normal for you doesn't have to be normal for anyone but just you, and that's ok."  It was this aspect of the show (his commentary) that really fed me; so relevant to my life at the moment. Really inspired me to let a lot go. I am a free spirit with a wild heart. My struggle has always been how to live full without getting hurt. How to love hard, but not fall completely in the process. How to search for life's treasures without losing myself. It's going to happen. It is and it will. Just accept that and keep it moving. Taking time for yourself in between those moments and allowing time for silence; knowing the places you are going are beyond your own reality. Really valued this message. Watch this vid saved in my phone often to refocus. 

Been to a lot of shows. This is definitely in my top 5! 



The "BLACK POWER MIX TAPE 1967-1975" : Powerful Documentary

Image from BlackThen

"The Black Power MIxtape" captures raw footage of the black power movement, key players ( Stokely Carmichael, Malcom X, Huey P Newton, Elaine Brown, Angela Davis, African American soldiers, and civilians ) , and their major efforts of progression and liberation in correlation to equality, police brutality, anti-war, and the rise of drugs. Footage captured by Swedish Journalists, who had an unbiased approach, wanting to gain a clear perspective of America's truth; not what world wide media portrayed. An honest, first hand testament of the people of 1967-75 with added audio of modern day artists.

I was heavily moved by this documentary, particularly the emphasis placed on Black Power icons that are not depicted in history books and the strong awareness of how government strategies were statically placed to weaken African American culture (ie. "America's War on Drugs). 

Don't want to give much away because it is worth the watch! Excellent documentary; artistically capturing an interesting time frame that many don't associate with the Black Movement as intensely as they do the late 50s and 60s. Can be found on Netflix and YouTube.




Vid by ModaMob 

Can't get enough of minimal fashion!!!!!...or Nazanin Mandi. She is one of my top modern day fashion muses. 

I love the feel of jeans+leather. Rather the jean material be on top or bottom; vice versa. Love this look above. Minimal fashion is effortless, but flawed and perfect. It screams, "I don't need much, but I am fashionable."  It is also transforming to any occasion. I wear jeans, black, leather, jumpsuits, or an LBD pretty much everywhere. Won't be caught in much else unless I am feeling super festive. 

Vid by ModaMob

I love the print trend, but feel really at home with Min. I am pretty laid-back, but very in-tune with my sexuality. I don't scream too loud for attention because that is so unnatural and unwanted, but Im not too timid to make a statement. This is who I am and minimal fashion is art transcended into fashion so I can express that.  

Fashion is ART.