Vid by ModaMob 

Can't get enough of minimal fashion!!!!!...or Nazanin Mandi. She is one of my top modern day fashion muses. 

I love the feel of jeans+leather. Rather the jean material be on top or bottom; vice versa. Love this look above. Minimal fashion is effortless, but flawed and perfect. It screams, "I don't need much, but I am fashionable."  It is also transforming to any occasion. I wear jeans, black, leather, jumpsuits, or an LBD pretty much everywhere. Won't be caught in much else unless I am feeling super festive. 

Vid by ModaMob

I love the print trend, but feel really at home with Min. I am pretty laid-back, but very in-tune with my sexuality. I don't scream too loud for attention because that is so unnatural and unwanted, but Im not too timid to make a statement. This is who I am and minimal fashion is art transcended into fashion so I can express that.  

Fashion is ART.